Fawri Service


Fawri is an online self-service system that will allow establishments to apply, track and complete all their immigration procedures for issuing visas from the comfort of their office/home. It was launched in October 2011 and currently include the following services:
1) Issuance of Entry Permits for Workers in Government Sector.
2) Issuance of Entry Permits for Workers in Private Sector.
3) Issuance of Mission Permits for 90 Days.
4) Issuance of Short Visit Entry Permits for 30 days.
5) Issuance of Long Visit Entry Permits for 90 days.
6) Issuance of Tourism Entry Permits.
7) Issuance and Renewal of Residency.
To register in the Fawri service, please visit this website: http://www.moifawri.ae/Modules/AppSecurity/login.aspx


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