Feedback Management System

The Feedback Management System is an online website that receives feedback from customers on different matters, such as complaints, suggestions, inquiries or reports, and manage them according to the parties concerned, after which the case is processed and the results are announced back to the customers within a fixed period of time not exceeding 30 days.

In order to utilize this system to the fullest, the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners' Affairs Ajman has formed the Complaints and Suggestions Committee in order to run the govern the system and channel the cases received by the customers to the parties concerned in order to process them and return with the best solutions to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

FMS has yielded a number of good suggestion that transformed into projects pitched to improve customer service, such as the installment of screens showing the Q-System token numbers at the service counters, an idea that was brought forward by one of the customers in 2013.

To post your comments to us using the Feedback Management System, please visit: